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           The Affiliate Opportunity! 
                  Earn big money by inviting people to our site!

Affiliate Marketing Powers the Internet

Every single click online is trackable and with all those ads and links out there... alot of people are getting rich by simply referring people to other people's products.  Google's entire industry and FORTUNE has been made by selling and tracking clicks. Billions and billions of dollars they've made letting computers do the math... shouldn't we do the same?

Yes, of course we should and if you refer people to our site and they buy something... then you deserve and will get a commission.  That's the power of affiliate marketing... and the internet... it's all about sharing.
And yes it's totally legal.

Like right now you could go to any of the bigger sites like Amazon, find their Affiliates link, sign up and start advertising their products.  If Joe Blow clicks on your link and then signs up as well to sell their products, then you'll get a 2nd tier commission for any sale he ever makes and so on and so on.... This is an awesome way to make really big money!

How Much Money can I make?

The sky really is the limit because the more people you invite to your site the more money you will make.  You CAN become very wealthy, very quickly. All you need is a computer that has access to the Internet.  How you market, what your advertising budget is -- it's up to you.  We recommend making a budget of time and money you can easily afford and growing from there.

Websites need traffic. Your job is to bring visitors to your website.  There are any number of ways to do this and we are here to help.  All the details and tools you need you will find inside Your Prosperity Hut!

The more visitors, the more sales, the more profit you will make.  There
is no limit on the upside potential.

What do I do to get started?

      There is absolutely no use trying to share anything that you don't believe in or have not even seen or felt.  You want to make sure the products you're about to endorse are really awesome right? 

Of course.  So we ask you purchase any one product from meNOTno and then you can immediately access Your Prosperity Hut where you will find all the tools you'll need to be a successful affiliate.  From website banners to Facebooks ads, Business Cards, text links, etc.

Start right now today! Your new career, be it part time or full, is just a few minutes away. 

Buy any product, sign up, read Getting Started Guide, and then start rocking!
and earn, earn, earn

Benefits of being a meNOTno Affiliate

    *You have no products/inventory to buy or store

     *You have no products/inventory to package or ship

      *You have no monthly quotas, sales or purchases to meet

      *You have no restrictions.  The world is your market.

      *You require no special training or education

      *You are not required to have a large cash outlay to get started

      *You require no website development skills or maintenance skills

      *You are marketing products which help people, the planet and you!

Be proud to offer people an all-natural product line.

We are all about win win. Please help us in any way to make meNOTno  even better!  If you have a cool product... Let us know!

Ground Floor Opportunity

In America you can eat, wear, smell and use Hemp  -- you just can't grow it.  Most Hemp for food, body care and skin care in the US comes from Canada. We are in Canada. We sell hemp.

See the opportunity yet?
It's as Easy as it Sounds

Invite customers to your meNOTno website

1)  When they purchase something...

2)  Payment is captured

3)  We process and ship the order

4) Your customer will receive their amazing products

5)  Your profits are immediately placed into your meNOTno account

6) Withdraw cash from Paypal on the 15th of each monthl